Best Austin Outdoor Activities

One of the great things about Austin is that you have all of the great things associated with a city right next to all of the wonderful great outdoors. Unlike so many cities out east, Austin is surrounded by wilderness, which means that there are dozens of fun outdoor events throughout the year for you to look forward to. Here are just a few of those events.

The Austin Home and Garden Show in January allows you to take your little piece of the outdoors and make it look just right. Learn everything you need to know about how to keep a perfect lawn, what flowers will flourish in your climate and any other questions you may have about lawns. If you love the outdoors, this is the event for you.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo takes place in early October and includes information on hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and so much more. Get all of the gear you need along with all of the training at this hugely popular yearly event. Get ready to shoot the rapids or simply shoot award winning outdoor photography. No matter what you are into, the Texas Parks Wildlife Expo has it all for you.

Hikes You Like features hikes throughout Austin year round. The next Hike You’ll Like is December 20 and goes through Southeast Metro Park. Bring your pooch along for the walk and get to know other outdoor enthusiasts in the greater Austin area. There will be time for lunch and time to talk. The event begins in the parking lot and goes for about 5 miles.

Ever wanted to learn more about seeds but didn’t know who to ask? There is a Seed Saving Class at the Gus Garcia Recreation Centre on December 16 that will answer all of your questions. Learn the difference between different kinds of seeds, which ones can be saved and which ones are for one year only. The class is from 6-7 and is held at the rec center at 1201 E. Rundberg Lane. Get the most out of your garden next year with this helpful class.