Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Window Contractor

Deciding to put new windows in your home, often means making a big financial investment for the future of the house. With that being the case, it is very wise to be prepared, to ask the right questions, and to feel comfortable with the contractor you hire to take on the job of window replacement in Leander.

Know the Facts As with anything in life, it is dangerous to put all of your faith in someone else. So, do your homework before hiring a contractor to tackle the window replacement. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself. The first step should be to measure the windows. This is simple, if you are just replacing the existing windows with new ones of the same size, but a little more complicated if you are trying a new look. If you are planning on installing a window where there wasn’t one before, know the approximate size that you’d like or even research the most common window sizes online to get a good feel for what might fit the space.

The second step of your research should involving leaning about the various products on the market. There are plenty of places in Georgetown, Texas, that you can visit to get information. Would you want fiberglass frames or wood? Do you want double panes or triple? These questions are often best answered by comparing the windows side-by-side. This might mean a trip to the local home improvement store. You can also get a feel for the pricing of windows in this way. Do a general estimate of how much it would cost you to buy all of the windows that you need for your home and write those prices down. That way, when you receive a quote, you will know how the prices compare.

Schedule a Meeting You will want to meet the person face-to-face. It is much easier to get a read of a person when in such a proximity. It is also easier for a person to lie or fake his credentials over the phone. You might want to have a spouse, friend, or other family member with you to help you take notes and remember small details of the conversation. Ask for references during that meeting.

Call the References Contact the list of people that were provided. This will likely be past customers, but don’t just ask how happy they were with the installers, also inquire about the amount of time that the project took, ask how many windows they had installed, and if they are related to the installer or a member of the company.

Interview Many Contractors Follow the same method above with a number of professionals and get multiple estimates, so you can get a feel for fair pricing. It’s not always wise to opt for the lowest quote, especially if it is significantly lower than the others. However, you should get a pretty good feel for how the contractor operates during the interview and calls to references. While a good price matters, you want to trust the person that you are inviting into your home.

Warranties and Insurance Austin TX window replacement is not a job to be paid for with pocket change, so you should feel good about the project before it even starts. Part of that comfort will come with feeling assured that things will be done right and corrected if they fail. Are there any warranties offered on the work performed? What are the exceptions? How will they respond if something goes wrong shortly after the install is complete? What will it cost you for that maintenance? Another source of comfort comes with knowing that you can trust the people set loose in your home. Is the company insured against accidents? Are their employees subjected to a background check?