Rooftop Safety in Texas

When working on a roof repair job, the number one concern should always be safety. Being a roofing contractor is adherently dangerous due to nature of job at hand. Working on a pitched surface in all types of weather conditions ten plus feet off of the ground is just asking for an accident. With some common sense and a few safety precautions falling and getting hurt can be taken out of the equation.

The Ladder How a ladder is placed up against the building can make the difference between a safe work environment and workplace accident. One of the best ways to hang a ladder is to place the ladder at an angle where the distance of the foot is a quarter of the distance of the supporting wall away from the wall supporting it. Removing a few shingles and installing a piece of plywood that has a cut out of the ladders width in it, is also a very safe way to place a ladder up against a building. This method is especially helpful when there are gutters in place, once the job is over replace the shingles that were removed. Ladders should be positioned so that the end of the ladder extends over the eaves of the house by three to three and half feet. Ladders should also be set on level ground or be leveled either by digging out the footing or by using leveling devices for ladders. Fiberglass ladders have the highest safety ratings but should never be used around power lines. If power lines are present contact your local power distribution service and have them deactivate the power to the property if you cannot obtain access at a safer point.

Safety Equipment Common sense is probably the best deterrent when it comes to roof accidents. Use safety harnesses and tie off to a safe and structurally sound point when the roof angle is to steep to walk or work on. Avoid slippery roofs, especially after rain storms, or when there is snow and ice on them. Try to schedule the work on a later date, when the roof is clear, and dry. In Round Rock, Texas, rain and wind are often major factors to safe roof repair. Kyle, TX, roof repair, in general, is a weather sensitive job. Ideal conditions are calm and cool days with no rain.

Keep a Clean Workplace Workplace cleanliness can also be a deciding factor between a safe work environment and workplace accident. Making sure that debris, sawdust, and nails are swept and disposed of properly can greatly reduce the risk of injury. Wearing the correct apparel can also affect the outcome of workplace safety. Wearing non skid shoes with rubber soles is a great way to avoid a fall. Rubber soles help with traction, and can also prevent electrical shock. Keep the skid-resistant side of the OSB panels facing out. These panels are designed specifically for roofing applications and come with a “rough” side and “smooth” side. Be sure to install the “rough” side out.

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